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  Yunus Mirgaziyan

  The outstanding prose writer and publicist Mirgaziyan Yunus (Mirgaziyan Zakirovich Yunusov) was born on May 25, 1927 in the family of a peasant in the village of Isergapovo, Bavlinsky district of the Republic of Tatarstan. After finishing the sixth year of the village school he worked in the kolkhoz for two years.
  In 1944 he was called up to the Army, studied at Military Aviation school. Later, having finished the Kharkov Military Aviation school, he served in a squadron. In 1955, after finishing his military service he entered the correspondence department of the philological department of the Moscow university. At the same time he started working in the Black sea steam line, was on international passages as a mate of the captain of a trade ship.
  In 1968-1977 M. Yunusov worked as a research fellow at The Scientific Research Institute of the sea transport, as a head of the department in the journal 'Science and religion'. In 1977 he returned to his sea service, navigated on the trade ship. M. Yunusov turned to literature in 1960s. He had great and interesting life experience. The romance of unknown roads and the winds of faraway places attracted him. M. Yunusov's works contributed to the widening the geography of Tatar literature.
  The writer's books 'Zanzibar over blue clouds', the trilogy 'The science of wandering ', 'A candle was burning '. He is deservingly called the first sea writer of Tatar literature. The sea theme interweaves with moral problems, with reflections of the native land, of the past and future of his people.

The Peter and Paul Cathedral
The Peter and Paul Cathedral
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