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  Fattakh Nurikhan

  N. Fattakh was born on October 25, 1928 in the village of Kyuchtovyl, Yanaulsky district of the Republic of Bashkortostan. Having finished secondary school, in 1946-1951 he studied at the Kazan State University. On graduating from it he was assigned to the Tatar book-publishing house, where he worked in the children's and youth's literature department. Then he left Kazan for Chistopol to work as a journalist on a district newspaper.
  From the early childhood N. Fattakh was interested in literature activity, he started writing some pieces of poetry and prose. His name is widely known not only in Tatarstan, but also far beyond its boundaries. His short stories, essays, novels are interesting for the people of different age and professions. His first prominent work 'How do you think?' was written in 1955. With this work he proved to be the mature artist, the master of psychological analysis. The novel is dedicated to students' life.
  The main problems in N. Fattakhov's works are connected with young people, their interests. Spiritual forming and development are in the center of his attention.
  Since 1960s N. Fattakh, has written mainly works based on history. He has been working at the novel about the remote past of the Tatar nation, especially about the Bulgarian period of the history. Before him no one of the Tatar writers was in history deeper then the time of E. Pugachev's revolt. The N. Fattakh's novel 'The river Itil flows' reflects the events of 920-930. Deepened study of the ancient history has given to Fattakh the possibility to try himself in Drama; his tragedy 'Kul Galy', staged in the G. Kamal's Tatar Academic theatre has become a success. The works 'Ringing Arrows', 'The echo of a distant century', 'Sarina, the Sarmat's daughter ' are the result of the great hard work. The writer can be called the founder of the historical novel. The second augmented edition of the novel 'Ringing arrows' was issued in 1991.
  On April 25, 1994 N, Fattach was given the G. Tukai's Government Prize of the republic of Tatarstan for the dilogy 'Ringing Arrows'. N. Fattach writes for children a lot. He is an author of the series of interesting books for children: 'Our younger brother', 'The story about a sister and the two brothers' and others.
  N. Fattach is a qualified translator, he has translated the novels by V. Hugo, H. Balzak into the Tatar language.

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