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  Galiyev Shaukat

  Shaukat Galiyev was born on November 20, 1928 in the family of a peasant in the village of Bolshiye Bakrychi, Apastovsky district of the republic of Tatarstan. He worked as an executive secretary, and then as an editor on the Kaibitsky district newspaper (1949-1953), as the head of the literature department of the magazine 'Chayan' (1953-1959), in 1971-1984 he directed the editorial staff of the department of the artistic literature in the Tatar book-publishing house. In 1959-1961 he graduated from the Higher literature Course of Writers' Union of the USSR in Moscow.
  Sh. Galiyev turned to the literature activity after the Great Patriotic War: since 1948 his lyric verses has been often published in the republic newspapers and magazines.
  In 1960s he revealed his original humorous gift. Formal methods, unexpected situations, borrowed from the oral people's poetry or invented by the author, reminded of some real funny occurrences, tales, which in the end were revealing the secrets of existence. Sh. Galiyev's humour is light and buoyant.
  The poetry for children, full of witty and gracious humour, occupies the special place in Sh. Galiyev's creative biography. Serious things are presented in an interesting form, with a kind and merry smile and understanding the children's psychology. The national folklore is the source for the poet's humour. Sh. Galiyev was given the G. Tukai's Government Prize and A. Alish's Prize for his collections of the poetry for children. He is a laureate of the H. Anderson's International Prize.
  In 1995 in accordance with the President's Decree Sh. Galiyev was given the honourary title of People's poet of the Republic of Tatarstan.

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