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  Showroom of Tatarstan National library

  Exhibitions of well-known Tatar artists have become traditional in the National library of Tatarstan Republic. At present this is one of the directions in the activity of marketing department.
  The following exhibitions are shown:
  Treasures of Tatarstan: relics of the State museum
  Philosophy gallery
  Window to the nature
  Calendars as time keepers
  In search of lost time...
  Kazan tea drinking
  The World of ceramics
  On December, 11, 1998 the exhibition of artist and sculptor Baki Urmanche's works was opened. B.Urmanche's creativity is a legend of past century. However, despite it, opening of the museum was delayed for a long while. One of the purposes of this exhibition was to draw public attention to this problem. At present there is no enough money to restore his pictures, and the whole gallery of sculptural portraits of the Master's outstanding contemporaries such as S.Saydashev, N.Zhiganov, F.Yarullin, M.Gafuri, G.Ibragimov is on the verge of destruction. Uniqueness of the exhibition was that one could not only see the works of the artist, but also buy them.
  "Collectors of old Kazan" exhibition
  The exhibition was opened on September, 27, 2000.Authors: E.I.Kartasheva, L.M.Khutorova, F.A.Ziyazov.
  This exhibition from Tatarstan state museum's funds is confined to a 105-anniversary of the museum.The exhibition is devoted to the "golden age" of collecting (second half XIX - the beginning of XX centuries) and 1920-1950.
  "The annalist of time" exhibition was organized in show-room of Tatarstan National library in January. It was devoted to the Tatar playwright G.Kamal. About 100 documents, which are stored in the departments of manuscripts and rare books and local lore literature, were exhibited. These books tell about his life and creative activity. Some of them are various editions of his works published in Arabic. The exhibition introduces G.Kamal not only as a playwright but as a publisher and editor too. Kamal paid much attention to the Tatar theatre and its repertoire. So, one of the exhibition sections was devoted to the Tatar state academic theatre named after him.

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The cathedral
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