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  Virtual gallery of the artist V.I.Frolov

  Glorious Summer
  Long hair has been a symbol of woman power and wisdom from everlasting. Kazan artist V.I.Frolov is one of those who like the mermaid image.
  Vitaly Ivanovich was born on January 3, 1952 in Leninsk town in Volgogradskaya oblast. In 1977 he graduated from local art school.
  The artist admires refinement and spirituality of the world around him. Love for beauty of woman hair and shape is the source of new particular images. Frolov's favourite subject to paint is an amazing woman lost in her magnificent hair. The idea of each picture requires much time and work.
  All pictures of this series ("Night", "Morning", "Day", "Evening", "The Flame of Love ", "Sun", "Birth", "Motherhood", "Blizzard dance", "Wind dance", "Winter", "Spring", "Glorious summer", "Autumn"...) are penetrated with warmth, love, tenderness, and worship to woman.His works are performed in pencil, Indian ink, and ink.
  Another tendency of his works is landscape of native nature. The original technique of performing work is to cover the paper (whatman) with oil-paint by means of a special apparatus which permits to change colours quickly. The basic parts are painted with brush.
  One more direction of the painter's activity is modeling; the made up solution (wood as a basis) allows to create amusing three-dimensional figures of fish, animals, butterflies...The artist draws his inspiration not only from the plot of the picture but from the lines of poetry as well...

Aleksandrovsky Passage
Aleksandrovsky Passage
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