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  Konstantin Vasiliyev`s picture gallery

  In Kazan there is Konstantin Vasiliyev's constant picture gallery where about 90 pictorial and graphic works are exhibited.
  Konstantin Alekseyevich Vasiliyev (1942-1976) is the Russian artist, whose creative heritage totals more than 400 works: portraits, landscapes, surrealistic compositions, epic pictures, mythological and battle genres. Most known works are 'Epic Russia' and 'Nibelung Ring' cycles, a series of pictures devoted to the Great Patriotic War, graphic portraits and the artist's last picture 'Man with a with an eagle owl'.
  From 1949 till1976 the artist lived in the house where the museum is located now (4-61 Lenin St., Vasiliyevo Settlement, Zelenodolsky district, Tatartsan, Russia, 422530).
  Vasiliyev died in 1976 and was buried in Vasiliyevo Settlement. In 1984 the Vasiliyevs moved Kolomna where they took all the pictures that belonged to the painter.
  Lifetime exhibitions:
  1963 - Moscow (Central showroom). Participation in Republic exhibition "Kazan artists - satirists".
  1968- Zelenodolsk
  1976- Zelenodolsk
  Posthumous exhibitions:
  1977-Zelenodolsk; Kazan (Youth centre).
  1978 - Moscow.
  1979- Pushino.
  1980 - Moscow (Showroom in Malaya Gruzinskaya Street).
  1981 Podolsk; Voronovo Settlement in Moscovskaya oblast.
  1982 - Voronovo Settlement in Moscovskaya oblast; Obninsk; Moscow.
  1983 - Moscowskaya oblast, farm n.a. Lenin1984 - Kolomna; Moscow.
  1985 - Moscow.
  1986 - Kolomna.1987 - Kolomna; Moscow; Vyatka; Nizhny Novgorod.
  1988 Moscow; St.-Petersburg; Kiev.
  1989 - Odessa; Sofia; Novgorod; Vyborg; Riga.
  1990 - Moscow (Central showroom); Moscow (Showroom on Dubninskaya street); Kazan; Spain; Sochi; Novosibirsk; Krasnoyarsk.
  1991 - Irkutsk; Chelyabinsk; Sverdlovsk; Togliatti; Minsk.1992 - Voronezh; Tambov; Kazan.
  1993 - Tyumen; Krasnoyarsk.
  1994 - Tver;. Zelenograd; Krasnodar; Kaliningrad; Podolsk.
  1995 - Moscow, Volgograd; Obninsk; Tula; Novomoskowsk; Nizhny Novgorod; Arzamas.
  1996- Zelenodolsk; Moscow; Vologda; Cherepovets; Yaroslavl; Kostroma.
  1997 - Saint-Petersburg; Lipetsk; Ryazan.
  1998 - Moscow - a constant exposition in museum of Konstantin Vasiliyev.
  The address: 61 Gvardeyskaya St., Kazan

A view from the Kremlin
A view from the Kremlin
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