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  Akchura Yusuf

  Akchura Yusuf is a well-known Tatar social and political figure and scientist. Y.Akchura was born in 1876, in Simbirsk. From 1883 to 1892 he lived and studied in Istanbul.
  In 1899-1903 he studied at free school of political sciences and attended lectures at the Higher School of applied sciences of the Sorbona university.
  Y.Akchur's life in Paris was connected with 2 types of activity. The first one was academic - his study, and the other one - contacts with politicians. Observations about life of the Turkic peoples, which he made during his travels and participation in numerous discussions, influenced the formation of clear political views. Due to knowledge that he received at school he started to think over the importance of nationalism in politics.
  After his study in Paris Y.Akchura returned to Russia, and since 1904 his Kazan period of life began. He started teaching History and Geography in 'Mukhamadia' madrasah.
  In 1908, trying to avoid prosecution of imperial authorities, Y.Akchura left for Istanbul where he participated in the creation of Turkic communities and journals. His main brainchild was "Turk Yurdu" ("Turkic native land") journal in which many politicians and men of letters were engaged.
  In 1915-1916 he was in delegation for performance of the governmental assignments connected with protection of Turkic peoples' rights in Russia, he also visited Austria-Hungary, Germany and Switzerland.
  In 1931 he participated in the establishment of the Turkish Historical Society and was selected its chairman. And in 1932 he was at the head of the 1st Turkish Historical Congress.
  Y. Akchura died on March 11, 1935 in Istanbul.

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