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  Kazan Tatar State Young People`s Theatre

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  The theatre staff
  1.Musagitov Fanis Nailovich -director of the theatre.
  2. Kameliev Amir Amanovich - director in chief.
  3. Melkova Nuria Nizamovna - acting director on advertising and marketing.
  4. Kim Almira Iliasovna - acting director on economical matters.
  5 Sabirova Minebeka Ibragimovna - the head of literature section.
  6. Akhmetshin Marat Uzbekovich - the head of musical section
  7. Yagfarova Venera Rasimovna - the head of company.
  8. Husainova Gusel Faridovna - stage manager
  9. Satiyev Kiram Shaihzadovich - accompanist bayan-player.
  10. Zainullina Lilya Airatovna - vocal teacher.
  11. Zainullina Albina - concertmaster.
  12. Safin Nuriakhmet Valiahmetovich - People's Artist of the Republic of Tatarstan.
  13. Miftakhov Rinat Nisamovich - People's Artist of the Republic of Tatarstan.
  14. Galiev Fanavil Ahmievich - Honoured Artist of the Republic of Tatarstan.
  15. Abitova Gulnara Eupovna - actress.16. Ahbirov Rinat Garifzyanovich - actor.
  17. Gainullin Marat Salimovich - actor.18. Galyaviev Rashad Rafailovich - actor.
  19. Giniatullin Yunus Gabdelnakipovich - actor.
  20. Gaifullin Almir Gasimovich - actor.
  21. Galieva Lidia Dilfasovna - actress.
  22. Gayafitov Ramis Shakipovich - actor.
  23. Kidirmatova Firuza Sharibzyanovna - actress.
  24. Kalimullina Alige Gabdulfatovna - actress.
  25. Kalimullin Fanis Hafisullovich - actor.
  26. Miftahova Lilia Nailievna - actress.
  27. Sungatullina Halida Magfurianovna - actress.
  28. Fazulianovna Gulnara Fagimovna - actress
  29. Fazylzyanova Enzhe Farruhovna - actress
  30. Haliullina Ilmira Raisovna - actress.


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